How to survive lock down

Visitors are no longer permitted to enter the home or meet relatives in the grounds. 

These are ways in which you can help us maintain a quality of life for residents over the coming days.

  • Please avoid telephone calls at busy times such as early morning, lunch and early evening.

  • Try and call residents own dedicated line when they are likely to be in their rooms. (If you don't know it we can email it to you). 

  • Send messages by email and include picture or video clips, which we can share. (We will try and reply)

  • Use our Facebook page to send encouragement and to see our residents activities.


The residents are occupied and generally happy and we have good supplies of food and provisions. We are having to be more creative than ever to ensure that their quality of life remains high and are rising to the challenge.

Residents on end of life care may see residents with the appropriate precautions and by appointment.

We will email our residents relatives and friends on regular basis with a short newsletter.

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